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Seaside Chocolates are available 365 days a year! 

As you can imagine, the busiest time of year is November and December so please have your orders in by December 10 for holiday orders.

The story

So if you have been a client of mine, you would’ve received a little brown paper bag of chocolate at Christmas time. It has always been my way of saying thank you to my clients for supporting my small business; I feel that it has been the least I could do for the incredible folks that I see daily and have stood by my business for so long.

Years ago, a friend of ours came to our house and brought some these really delicious chocolates and they were in truffle cups.

I asked her what the recipe was.
She gave me the recipe.
I told her that I am going to start making these.
So I did.

I started with truffle cups, and then I moved on to molds which makes my life a little bit easier and the chocolate more uniform. I have been asked many times over the years that “ YOU SHOULD BE SELLING THESE!” and I am finally listening.

The chocolates are made by me, batch by batch in Prospect.


chocolate brick size

The original brick


chocolate square size and lady fingers

Small brick or lady finger (for a party platter)


Free delivery within HRM

If you would like some chocolates, email me! [email protected]

Kelly Carrington's seaside chocolates logo sketchThere is no words I can say for the support of my family for putting up with the space I take up in the kitchen, and the quality control.

  • My middle son (M) for being interested enough to come up with the logo and the name.
  • I would like to thank you to big deal R for the recipe that started it all.
  • My long time client KHC for the first chocolate molds and finally,
  • My long time clients PN & JM for the real push to get me to sell them and for advice.

I can’t thank all of my clients for just being happy to receive them year after year.