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Now offering Medela Breast Pump Rentals as part of Mandoula Birth Services!

I now have available for rent Medela breast pumps, and other Medelal products to meet your needs. Please get in touch to arrange convenient delivery of the breast pump and accessories.

Medela breast pump rental

Symphony PLUS Breast Pump 

The efficient and trustworthy breast pump

The Symphony PLUS breast pump is the ideal partner for healthcare professionals to support mothers, based on only the most valuable and trusted knowledge.

The Symphony Breast Pump is designed to:

  • Support mothers of pre- and full-term infants to successfully initiate milk production, using the INITIATE pumping program.
  • Build and maintain adequate milk production, using the MAINTAIN pumping program.
$150 monthly rental cost

With each rental, the Initiation Kit is highly recommended!

Medela is excited to introduce our new sterile kit packaging configuration that will now come packaged in a sturdy tray, which doubles as an in-patient wash basin. The sterile kit includes:

  • 2 PersonalFit PLUS 24mm & 27mm breast shields
  • 2 Connectors, 2 Membranes, 2 Tubing, and 2 Caps
  • 2 35ml Concave Colostrum containers with lids
  • 2 80ml Concave bottom containers with lids
One-time purchase cost of $50

More milk in less time


Successfully initiate, build and maintain milk production.


High level of comfort and customer appreciation


Based on the most recent evidence and knowledge


Improves milk output during established location

Medela PersonalFit Flex Shield

Medela PersonalFit Flex Shield

2 Pack Breast Pump Flanges; sizes available: 21, 24, 27, 30

Breast shields play a key role in pumping efficiency and overall comfort. Your Medela PersonalFit Flex shield offers new Medela Flex Technology and a unique design that adjusts easily to your breast shape- its flexible oval shape can be rotated 360 degrees and adapts to your body, so you can find the most comfortable and efficient pumping position for you. Additionally, a 105-degree angle opening combined with a soft, smooth rim is designed to reduce unnecessary pressure on the breast and lay smoothly for comfortable positioning and pumping efficiency, and a more natural feeling.

These breast shells are compatible with all Medela breast pumps and are available in 4 different size options.

Lanolin cream

Purelan™ - Lanolin Cream

It is 100% natural and safe for your baby – you do not need to remove before breastfeeding.

In the first few days and weeks of frequent breastfeeding, many women experience nipple soreness and dry skin. Purelan™ lanolin cream gives you fast relief for sore nipples and dry skin.

Lanolin is a deeply hydrating, naturally occurring substance found in sheep’s fleece. The lanolin in Purelan™ nipple cream is ethically sourced using wool from mulesing-free farms. It is highly purified and tested to the industry’s highest standards (European and US Pharmacopoeia). When absorbed into the skin, Purelan™ lanolin cream mimics the skin’s natural ability to store moisture and can hold more than twice its weight in water – naturally helping skin’s rehydration.

$15.00  |  37g
Medela silicone breast milk collector

Silicone Breast Milk Collector

1 Silicone Breast Milk Collector with lanyard, silicone stopper, and lid

Medela’s NEW Silicone Breast Milk Catcher is a true companion and milk saver. Its double leak proof design protects each precious drop of milk from being lost. With the New Silicone Breast Milk Collector you can easily capture breast milk that would otherwise leak onto your nursing pad or clothing during breastfeeding.

Double leak-proof, wearable lanyard and suction base: Silicone Breast Milk Collector’s double leak-proof stopper and lid, lanyard and suction base provide security during breast milk collection and storage to protect against accidental spills – ensuring your baby receives it all.

If you are interested in any other Medela products or accessories, please contact Kelly for more information.

Freestyle Hands-Free Double Electric Pump, bottles, milk storage bags, nursing pads (disposable and washable), pumping bras, and Medela parts and accessories can all be ordered.