Mobile Massage Therapy in Halifax, NS

kelly outdoors mobile massageYour Mobile Massage Solution

Mr. Kelly Carrington, RMT, is the sole proprietor for Evolution Massage Therapy that offers mobile massage services primarily within Halifax and surrounding area. He is an experienced Registered Massage Therapist, Craniosacral Practitioner, and Certified Birth Doula. Kelly is focused on the commitment to clients through the continuance of professionalism and dependability.

Evolving needs

The name “Evolution Massage Therapy” truly captures the ideology that guides how this business operates. The field of massage therapy is continuously evolving and the needs of people who receive massage therapy treatments are changing as well. Evolution Massage Therapy aims to grow and develop to accommodate the changing demands of its clientele. Due to this fluidity, the business sought to provide an alternative to mainstream delivery of massage therapy by offering choice in terms of location. The flexibility of receiving treatments in the comfort of one’s own environment is an attractive characteristic of this business.

The ultimate convenience

Kelly Carrington brings the massage clinic to clients in their places of residence, business, or retreat setting. This prevents clients from having to take time off work to receive treatments, arrange childcare, travel through traffic to a specific location, find costly parking, and deal with more than one staff member. Imagine the benefits of staying in your own environment after receiving a treatment instead of having to travel home. 

Evolution Massage Therapy offers a variety of affordable, therapeutic services.